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Wallpaper Removal in Homes, Cabins and Businesses

Providing Service in Brainerd, Baxter and the Surrounding Areas

The trends in wallpaper design and styles continue to change over time. Most people find themselves in need of removing wallpaper from their home, cabin or business at some point in their lifetime. Sometimes the removal process is relatively easy and sometimes it’s quite difficult. It all depends on what kind of paper it is, what kind of wall surface it was applied to, and how it was applied.

There is no one right answer for how to remove wallpaper. Web sites that claim to “know how to do it” are misleading because every project is so different. Here’s a list of wallpaper removal tips and tricks you can follow. But remember, every situation will be different.

Risks of Removing Wallpaper on Your Own

A lot of people attempt to remove wallpaper on their own and run into trouble. Below is a list of common issues people run into when removing wallpaper on their own.

  1. Regardless of whether you’re using the right tools, if the walls weren’t prepared properly, they may be damaged during the removal process.
  2. Most wallpaper needs to be wet in order to be removed. There’s a tool on the market used to pierce wallpapaper so water is able to better penetrate the paper. A person is often too aggressive when using this tool and the sheet rock is unintentionally pierced and damaged.
  3. Wallpaper glue can often get left behind on the walls. Before you repaper or paint, all of the glue needs be removed or you will see that residue behind your newly finished walls.
  4. Sometimes the paper just isn’t going to come off, and only a specialist like the the Cover Girl can provide you with the proper wallpaper removal alternatives

25 Years Experience in Removing Wallpaper

The Cover Girl has been a wallpaper specialist for over 25 years. Nancy removes wallpaper, backing paper, glue residue, and does minor wall repair. Nancy knows every wallpaper removal technique, and in just a few minutes is able to determine which technique will work best in your situation. She will protect your walls and floors, and leave behind a clean room.

  • Her work is respected, reliable and reasonable
  • She is insured.
  • She guarantees her work.
  • References are available.

Contact the Cover Girl in Brainerd, MN

Avoid the fears, the frustration and the mess. E-mail or call the Cover Girl at 218-838-4153.

The Cover Girl installs wallpaper in homes, cabins and businesses throughout the Brainerd Lakes Area, including Baxter, Brainerd, Crosslake, and Nisswa; as well as cabins on Gull Lake, Lake Mille Lacs, Pelican Lake, and The Whitefish Chain.